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Why I should consider wearing a face covering when I visit my GP Posted on 14 Jul 2021

Pinfold Medical Practice would like to thank all of the patients and staff who have contributed to safety measures to reduce the risk of infection from and spread of COVID-19 in our local community.

Safety measures have included increased use of telephone / video / email consulting, reduced waiting room capacity, hand sanitising, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings inside the building. 

From the 19th July 2021 the UK Government has announced that the wearing of face coverings is no longer mandated by law.  This first came into law on 23rd July 2020. 

Prior to 23rd July 2020, along with other healthcare providers, Pinfold Medical Practice requested the wearing of face coverings when entering the building and this has been accepted by the majority of individuals as necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect vulnerable and elderly individuals in our community.

There is a certain amount of choice in going to a shop, restaurant, pub or entertainment venue but if you need to attend the GP then it is out of necessity.  Those individuals who are medically vulnerable to serious illness or death from COVID-19 can take steps to reduce their risk of exposure but may not be able to avoid visiting the GP.  Face coverings have a greater role in preventing the spread of infection to others than providing individual protection to the wearer.  It is therefore not simply the case that vulnerable individuals are protected by wearing their own face covering; we can all play a part in protecting vulnerable individuals by continuing to use face coverings indoors in public spaces.

 We ask that you continue to wear a face covering when visiting the Practice for the protection of medically vulnerable individuals.  This will also reduce the risk of infection to staff members; if staff members become infected then this could potentially impact on availability of appointments. 

Young children and those individuals who have a medical cause to be exempted from the wearing of a face covering have always been able to access face-to-face clinical appointments when clinically necessary.

Other healthcare providers, including local hospitals and general practices, are asking that from 19th July 2021 that patients, visitors and staff continue to wear face coverings inside their buildings.  Public Health England Infection Prevention Control guidance remains that face coverings should continue to be used in healthcare settings after 19th July 2021.

The team at Pinfold Medical Practice are grateful for your understanding regarding the need to continue wearing a face covering when visiting your General Practice from 19th July 2021.

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